A group of Tuscan wine producers with a passion for classical music has created , together with a group of musicians, a music festival called "Musica e Rossi Toscani". The idea was born during the Salzburg Easter Festival in 1999, when a series of musical events was planned for August 2000, around the time of the Palio of Siena. The festival, which began as a private get-together among friends, has become a yearly event.

The wine producers are: Count Andrea Costanti (Brunello di Montalcino), Caterina Dei (Vino Nobile di Montepulciano), Lorenza de Medici and Emanuela Stucchi Prinetti (Chianti Classico), Roberto Fuligni (Brunello di Montalcino),  the Boscu Bianchi Bandinelli  family (Chianti Classico), Stefano Cinelli Colombini (Brunello di Montalcino) and Elisabetta Gnudi (Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti Classico).

The musicians, a group of important German performers which includes a few of the elements of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam and of the Berlin Philharmonic String Sextet: Bernard Hartog, Marietta Kratz, Ying Zhang, Rebecca Schneider, Nienke van Rijn, Walter Küssner, Matthew Hunter, Ulrich Knörzer, Martin Stegner, Simone Jandl, Pauline Sachse, Ansgar Schneider, Götz Teutsch, Trey Lee, Johan van Iersel, Ulrich Wolff, Martin Heinze, Janne Thomsen, Jonathan Kelly, Walter Seyfarth, Daniele Damiano, Sevimbike Elibay, Noriko Sugyiama, Yoko Kikuchi, Cordelia Höfer, Hendrik Heilmann, Magdalena Schäfer, Wolfgang Schmidt.

The concept behind the August festival involves the realization of a series of musical appointments  with the music of:  Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Dvorak and others in the private villas and palaces of the wine producers. Each concert is followed by a tasting of  that producer's wine (Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano and Chianti Classico). The concerts take place in the Fuligni hunting lodge in Montalcino, in the Dei villa in Montepulciano, in the historical gardens of Villa di Geggiano near Siena, in the park of the villa 'i Podernovi' of the Fattoria dei Barbi,  in the medieval Borgo Scopeto, in Palazzo Pannocchieschi d'Elci in Siena and in Badia a Coltibuono. Representatives of the international cultural scene, academics, actors, and  journalists have participated in "Musica e Rossi Toscani", a festival that has become one of the cultural and oenological events that shouldn't be missed during the Tuscan summer.

The events comprise the blending of different cultural aspects which include music, historic venues and wines that symbolise so much of this ancient territory.


The opening concert of ‘Musica e Rossi Toscani’ is traditionally held close to the vineyards of the Fuligni wine estate in Montalcino which has been family property for over a century. The hunting lodge where the concert takes place is today the home of Roberto Guerrini Fuligni who is a law professor at the University of Siena. It was built in 1714 and was at times used for hunting the wild boar; it offers the perfect atmosphere for a concert surrounded, as it is, by thick woods creating a mood of past gone times. At the beginning of the last century Viscount Giovanni Maria Fuligni retired to Montalcino where he started to produce a fine internationally acclaimed Brunello. Owing to lack of space only e restricted number of guests can be invited to the concert held on the terrace at twilight. This is followed by dinner and wine tasting of  the last vintage of Brunello and other wines also produced on the estate like Rosso di Montalcino ‘Ginestreto’ and ‘San Jacopo’.

The venue for the second concert is also Montalcino on the old  estate belonging to the Counts Costanti. Andrea Costanti is the present manager of the estate which has been producing brunello since 1858 in the historic sixteenth century villa ‘Colle al Matrichese’ where the ancient wine cellars are still found today .  The concert is held for a restricted number of guests in Andrea’s private home alternating personalities from the wine, sports, and music fields. Beneath an enormous two-hundred-year old lime tree mainly eighteenth century music for string instruments is played. This music is Andrea’s favourite and reflects the sobriety and classical elegance of his wines.  Wine tasting of the last vintage of brunello di Montalcino and other wines produced on the Costanti estate follows the concert. A dinner is laid out, as though by magic, around the very same tree. Red house wines as well as superb white ‘Bellavista’ wines,  specially selected by Neil and Maria Empson (highly reputed great Italian wine importers in the USA) are served just like at the Fuligni dinner party.

It is customary for the concerts at Fattoria dei Barbi to take place in the old park of the villa ‘i Podernovi’, which since 1790 has belonged to the Colombini family. This was the beginning of a success story in wine growing. Excellent wines which in 1892 achieved a very important goal: the prize of a silver medal from the Ministry of Agriculture. It was to be the first of a long series of acknowledgements from both Italy and abroad. In 2007 the Barbi wines reached the highest international lists with Brunello Riserva and Brunello Vigna del Fiore. Today the company is run by Stefano Cinelli Colombini, descendant of the lineage, keeper of ancient traditions and also promoter of great technological innovations. The spot chosen for the concerts, in the shade of an old holm-oak, has witnessed in the course of time singers and musicians of international fame such has Renato Bruson, Misha Maisky and members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert takes place at 7 o’ clock just before sunset when the elongated shadows of the statues which decorate the park and the golden lights which penetrate through the foliage create a mystic atmosphere. Then follows an invitation to supper at the ‘Taverna dei Barbi’, adjacent to the park, with typical Tuscan food and famous house wines.

The Villa di Geggiano with its annexed wine estate is located in the Chianti Classico hills in the province of Siena, famous throughout the world for its wines, its beauty and its rich history. The oldest documents regarding the production of wine by the Counts Bianchi Bandinelli date back to 1725 when Niccolò Bandinelli used to export wines from the vineyards of Villa di Geggiano to England. The family, one of the oldest Sienese aristocratic families, had among its ancestors  Pope Alexander the third. Today Chianti Classico and Riserva are excellently produced  in the cellars of the eighteenth century Villa by Andrea and Alessandro Boscu Bianchi Bandinelli. The bottles still bear the historic label designed by the grandfather, the famous archaeologist Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli. In the garden, adorned with centuries-old cypresses, sculpted boxwood bushes and age-old lemon trees, is the characteristic open-air theatre with two late baroque brick arches surmounted by statues and this is where the concert is held offering the guests a unique sight of Siena silhouetted against the setting sun. Wine tasting of the last Bianchi Bandinelli vintage  takes place inside the wonderfully frescoed halls of the Villa after which dinner is served in enchanting surroundings on the garden lawn.

Badia a Coltibuono (which means Abbey of the Good Harvest), dates back to the middle of the eleventh century. In 1051 the monks of the Vallombrosan Order, a Tuscan reform of the Benedictines, founded the Abbey and also began planting the first vineyards in the Upper Chianti area. Over the centuries they extended their vast land holdings to include many thousands of acres and developed a flourishing wine production and commerce. In 1810, when Tuscany was under Napoleonic rule, the monks were forced to leave Coltibuono and the monastery was secularized. The estate was first sold by lottery and then in 1846, Coltibuono was bought by Guido Giuntini, a Florentine banker and great grandfather of Piero Stucchi-Prinetti, under whose guidance the estate grew and built a solid reputation in Italy and abroad through the high quality of its products. Nowadays, his son Roberto Stucchi Prinetti, the oenologist of Coltibuono, manages the Abbey along with his sister Emanuela who is responsible for Marketing and Sales (and also the former President of the Consorzio del Marchio Storico Chianti Classico). It is customary for the last concert to be played a little before sunset in the courtyard of the Badia. The mystic silence of the place bestows to the performance a special aura which is absolutely unique. Donna Lorenza de’ Medici, the Lady of the house and wife of Piero Stucchi Prinetti, jealously guards this atmosphere by closing the gates a few seconds before the beginning of the concert even at the cost of leaving dear friends outside, in order to preserve the touching atmosphere of the musical event in Coltibuono.

Borgo Scopeto is a medieval rural hamlet in the Chianti Classical region where Elisabetta Gnudi Angelini has established her home. It is the headquarters of a group of some of the finest Tuscan wines which includes Altesino and Caparzo in Montalcino. Elisabetta, who nurtures a deep passion for wines, has set herself the goal of bringing Borgo Scopeto back to its prestine glory where she intends to host discerning wine lovers in an elegant ‘realais’ where a natural atmosphere can still be savoured. Wandering down olive and cypress paths and a seventeenth century boxwood labyrinth one leaves the medieval castle behind and moves towards Siena finally reaching the new cellars of Borgo Scopeto. Here great attention is given to rationality, quality of materials and respect for the enviroment. The inside of the cellars are very impressive and the special shade of blue, lovingly chosen by Elisabetta, used for the decor and for the wine labels, lends a unique aura to the ambience.

The Palio of the 16th August marks the climax of the Sienese summer. The musicians of  ‘Musica e rossi toscani‘ usually offer the family Pannocchieschi d’Elci a concert on the eve of the race. This is played in one of the halls  of the historic building whose windows overlook the Piazza del Campo. The following day while tasting the last vintage of red wines, produced by Andrea and Ranieri Pannocchieschi at Anqua, the old family estate, guests and musicians can watch the historic parade and the exciting race which draws the curtain on the Sienese summer as well as on the music festival.





Musica e rossi toscani. Musical and oenological private events in August in Siena, with members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and friends.
Festival Musica e rossi toscani, Brunello Eredi Fuligni, Brunello Costanti, Chianti Classico Badia a Coltibuono, Chianti Classico Villa di Geggiano, Vino nobile di Montepulciano Dei. Hartog Bernard, Kratz Marietta, Schneider Rebecca, Küssner Walter, Hunter Matthew, Jandl Simone, Schneider Ansgar, Wolff Ulrich, Seyfarth Walter, Damiano Daniele, Elibay Sevimbike, Dilaghi Francesco, Sugiyama Noriko.